CoreCommerece vs Shopify

October 6, 2011|Blog|BY admin

When it’s the question about eCommerce or online shop, there are thousands of answers literally. Just search on web and get millions of sites to advice you about the security, customization options, flexibility, easy use and setup and others. But which one you should choose? Most of the analysis about this context will rank CoreCommerece and shopify at the top. Here is our tiny and effective explanation about these two.

CoreCommerece offers the strongest sets of features, minimum hosting fees and a different set of packages from which you can choose. Sometimes it is one of the best solutions for online business. Both small business and larger companies can be benefited from eCommerce tools and the set and multiplicity that is offered by Core Commerce make it one of the best options. When it mixes up with SEO, this online store program is fully functional. For the use and setup options it is very very easy because you can’t access all your files, can’t customized your themes. The biggest drawback to properly optimizing a CoreCommerce template is that the template system doesn’t let you manipulate the inner content section of the page in most cases.

Shopify is one of most unique hosted shopping cart solution that is perfect for the beginner merchant who wants to get started online and also for the corporate company. Mainly shopify offers you custom theme upload, customizable CSS & HTML, fully hosted shopping cart solution with SSL, Search Engine Friendly URL, Easy Customer & Order Management Tools, Accepts Google™ Checkout, PayPal, and Credit Card. But shopify is extraordinary about the question of security. Its customization seems to be limited to protect unwanted occurrence.

What we recommend and Why?
Here is the overall ranking chart for most the popular eCommerece system. Please take a look,

So, we have nothing but recommend Shopify for your secure and flexible online shop because of its customer service, customized capabilities, security, order management tools, secure money transfer, acceptance capabilities and many others.


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