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Understanding our easy to use product

Get on Board

The best homeowner app is awaiting your arrival. Sign up to get started with us and provide easy to place details in our portal. Enter a world full of possibilities.

Define Your Way

Make your mark, because it’s your home, your guests, your price, your rules, your site & your app. Upload every little detail and manage every single aspect related to your home from one single platform.

Make It Your Own

Nothing gets out there unless you want it to. Customize your app to your heart’s content. add features, showcase amenities and highlight the best attractions for your guests.

Welcome Your Guests

Now that you’re ready with your own website and mobile app, go out there and let your guests taste the blissful environment of your sweet home!


Check some of cool advantages that you will get from this app

Connect More
All your potential guests are waiting, reach out them easily.
Manage multiple properties
Don’t go around and about. Manage all your property in one place.
No 3rd party payment
It means all the revenues are yours only.
Interact directly
Communicate with your potential guests directly
Your house your rules
Choose your guest’s paying methods and staying rules without any outside intrusion.
More transparency as you get to approve who lives in your house.
No limitations
Showcase all the amenities and features of your house as your heart desires.
No hidden fees
Lay back and enjoy, because your money’s going nowhere!
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