Buy or Sell unused WiFi Bandwidth

SRD - Share Router Data

SRD is a blockchain-enabled application that allows data sharing between buyer and seller in a completely automated process.

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Why Choose SRD

  • Blockchain Enabled
  • Ethereum Transaction
  • Premium Security
  • Buyer Registration

Our Core Features

  • Blockchain Enabled
  • Ethereum Transaction
  • Premium Security
  • Buyer Registration
  • Multiple Packages
  • Dashboard for seller & admin
  • Fully Automated
  • Tracking system



Wireless Freedom


Cost Effective


Extra Revenue


Ease of Access


Utilize unused Bandwidth

How it works

There will be two types of users in the system

With few simple steps, anyone will be able to register as a buyer or a Seller

Wifi Internet Seller

For Internet Seller, users will need to register/signup in our system, then add some basic configurations to the router and set a favourite sales package from various options and they can edit them anytime if they want and even they can add or create their custom packages with their expected prices.

seller system

Wifi Internet Buyer

For Internet Buyer, users will need to connect to the particular network, a captive portal system will automatically be opened up and then they will have to choose the desired package and pay for it using Ethereum Wallet and provide the transaction key and proceed to get confirmation message and then internet package will be enabled and they will get user id and password activated for particular time interval according to their purchased packages.

buyer system