Practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why does my website need SEO?

You may have already heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but you are not quite sure what it is or why you need it. The truth is that there are few things that are more important to you site than having a high ranking in search engines, but you are likely to get different answers from different people concerning how to achieve this. In order to answer your question in the most comprehensive and accurate way, we took a closer look at Google’s guidelines on its webmaster tools site and took a look under the hood of SEO.

SEO has gotten a bad name in recent years because of a handful of individuals who used “black hat” practices to exploit search engines instead of work with them. Choosing the wrong SEO professional caused many websites to suffer damage to their reputation and they found themselves buried in search engine rankings once Google updated their algorithms. However, SEO professionals who are honestly interested in improving and promoting their client’s pages can provide many benefits to your website.

Quality SEO professionals can:

  • Review your site content for quality and structure
  • Repair bad meta data that is hurting your rankings
  • Develop new content that meets the quality standards that will improve search results
  • Research keywords that are accurate to your product and get solid traffic
  • Manage an online development plan that will make your site a destination for your target demographic

The best time to hire an SEO professional is when you are just beginning a new web design or when you are considering a considerable website overhaul. In many ways, an SEO professional will have to significantly renovate your website and you may not recognize it when it is done. You want your website to be friendly to the search engines from the bottom up.

Best practices matter

It is essential that your SEO professional follow the best practices guidelines that Google and other search engines insist upon. In that spirit, there are some things that any SEO should be willing to share up front:

  • Success stories: They should be willing to share what they did for other sites and what the results were
  • Knowledge of guidelines: They should know Google’s Webmaster Guidelines chapter and verse
  • Online Marketing Services: How do they organically compliment the content you already have?

a. This course is specially designed to provide technical knowledge and skills to cope with the requirement of Search Engine Optimizer occupations of the SEO sector. The course will be implemented to ensure at least 80% of total contact hours on practical on skills training or practice and 20% trade/occupations related theory including OHS and soft modules.

b. The course is designed to enable trainees to acquire a range of technical and vocational, practical, personal and organizational skills valued and utilized both within and beyond the workplace.

c. The course is designed to meet the required competencies of the occupations needed in the labor market in and outside the country.

Download This Course Outline

  • Discussion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Keyword Research:

    • Keyword Research and Selection
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Keyword Research Tips & Ideas
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Optimize Keywords in Anchor Text
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Using Google Insights for Search and Google Trends for Keyword Research
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    • Optimize Your Keyword Density
      Viewing Completed Lesson
  • (Practical + Theory Session) On-Page Optimization Title Tag Optimization:

    • Optimize Keywords in Title Tag
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    • Knowing the latest updates
      Viewing Completed Lesson
  • Meta Description:

    • Meta Tag Checker
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag
      Viewing Completed Lesson
  • URL Structure:

    • EMD or Keyword Rich Domain
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    • Search Engine friendly URL optimization
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Domain length issue
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Domains with dash/hyphen
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  • Content Optimization:

    • Setting up optimized Blog Post Title
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    • Do Post Titles Make Difference to SERPs?
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    • Writing Purposeful Post Titles
      Viewing Completed Lesson
    • Make Descriptive Post Titles
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