Professional WordPress Theme Development

Installation Requirements for WordPress

Things to Know Before Installing WordPress

Before you begin the install, there are a few things you need to have and do.

These are:

Things You Need to Do to Install WordPress

Begin your installation by:

  1. Checking to ensure that you and your web host have the minimum requirements to run WordPress.
  2. Downloading the most current version of WordPress.
  3. Unzipping the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive.
  4. Creating a secure password for your Secret Key
  5. Keeping this webpage open so you have it handy during the installation.


WordPress training is hands-on class designed to give web designers the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a WordPress site. Students learn how to install and configure WordPress, and to troubleshoot, in case of problems. The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that provide practical real-world experience.

Now is a great time to be working as a WordPress developer: the community is active and growing, the platform has a solid API and the platform is under constant development. Despite these advantages, many developers have a hard time getting started building premium products.

Download This Course Outline

  • Installing WordPress on Your Own Server

  • Getting Around WordPress

  • Configuring WordPress to Work Its Best

    • Choosing the Right Settings for Your Blog
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    • Managing Additional Authors on Your Blog
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    • Moderating Comments and Comment Spam
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  • How Is Different Than

    • and Complementary Differences
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  • Creating and Managing Content with WordPress

    • Adding Media to Your Blog and Posts
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    • Hands On with the Editors
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    • Hands on with the New Image Editor in Detail
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  • Finding and Using Plugins

    • Finding Plugins
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    • Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
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    • Upgrading Plugins
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  • Maintaining WordPress

    • Database Maintenance for WordPress Users
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    • Updating and Upgrading WordPress
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    • Updating Plugins and Themes
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