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Network Optimization Tool for IoT

NOT for IoT is the network service quality test tool on the hand-held type as built in your smartphone.

Provides you to show the real-time measurement, displays all RF and signaling data.

Bunny Castle

We are proud to release the first version of bunny castle. Which will give you different flavor.

Bunny Castle is arcade, adventure game. Which based on a character (bunny) who try to explore his castle surroundings and collect coin.
Its contain two level.
Have some fun.

Meena Adventure

We all know Meena. Motivator for girls child in South Asia. In Meena’s adventure game she ride her little bicycle and goes towards school by avoiding obstrucle on the road with help of her parrot named “Mithu”.

Ghost Finder

A augmented reality based game when you play this game you will see some ghost coming towards any position of your screen and attack your shield but don’t worry you have a ball for counter attack. when the ball touch with the ghost the ghost life will decrease. All those activity will occur in realtime environment by opening your mobile camera automatically.

SRD - Share Router Data

Buy or Sell your unused WiFi internet

SRD is a blockchain enabled application that allows data sharing between buyer and seller in a completely automated process.

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