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Technology Areas

We have a dynamic team who can sync with modern technologies in superfast pace. Our team already achieved all latest and well known technologies/platforms like – PWA, AMP, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, React, CMS (WordPress, Joomla, drupal), JSON, XML, REST API. oAuth, Protocol Buffer, Stylus, Jinja2, Smarty, Bootstrap
For Blockchain (Hyperledger, ERC Token, Ethereum), IPFS, Big Data (Apache Spark, Apache Storm), Mobile Mesh Network, Web Socket
MongoDB, DynamoDB, SOLR, Elastic Search, Redis, Memcache, RDBMS (Mysql, Postgres), AerpSpike
Python, Java, Kotlin, Solidity, Node.js, Golang, PHP, C++, Swift, Objective C
Django, Flask, RxJava, Objectbox, Yii, Laravel, Code Igniter, Android Development, iOS Development, Parse Server
AWS (RDS, Redshift, EC2, ECS, EBS, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, VPC, ELB, ECR, SageMager, Kinesis, Lex, Poly etc.)
Docker, Jenkins, GIT, Selenium, Appium, Katalon Studio, Travis CI, Gitlab, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, HAProxy.
Below is a detailed explanation for some of them:

Mobile Platform


We’ve an expert team of iOS (iPhone/iPad app developer). Few of us are really outstanding on UI/UX whether there are passionate programmers who did superior brainstorming to put business logic. End result we flourished with super fast development turnaround and quality applications.
Framework: Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Location.
Languages: Objective-C, Swift, C
Platform: iOS 6 or later
Tools: Xcode
Emulator: Device Farm
Third-Party: AFNetworking, Alamofire, ReactiveCocoa, JSONKit, RestKit, TestFlight, Cocoapods, Carthage, Underdark, AWS-SDK for Android.


Cheap and open source the only way to reach low to high end customers. Android is making life smarter and flexible. We are aware of it and make superfast super-efficient applications which works on almost every android device available in the world. We guarantee quality and best UI/UX yet powerful business logic to interact between users and device. Team are aware of tons of open-source resources available in the market and pick the best libraries/tools to make things really fast with quality.
Cross Platform: PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile, AngularJS, ReactiveX.
Languages: Java, JavaScript, C, HTML & CSS
IDE: Eclipse, Android Studio
Emulator: Genymotion, BlueStack, Device Farm
Third-Party Libraries:  Android Support library, Google Play Services, okHttp, Volley, Google GSON, Retrofit, Picasso, ORM Lite, Green DOA, EventBus, Dragger, RoboGuice, ButterKnife, Okio, Protobuf, UnderDark, AWS-SDK for android.

Cloud and Services

Internet of Things (IoT)

What if we have a personal assistance always with me rather virtual assistance like SIRI, CORTANA or GOOGLE VOICE? IoT can make dreams comes true. Similarly, I can operate my home from office, I can do my work and my car get me to destination. We’re actively working on IoT and we’re happy to serve your desire.
Service: AWS IoT, ThingSpeak, Temboo, Ubidots, Zetta.


We are in generation where most of the technology strongly dependent on Cloud. But there are issues with privacy, security, scalability and costs. WebRTC can eliminate most of it with collection of protocol and techniques. And implementation of it can’t be so hard if you choose us.

Service we provide using WebRTC are not limited to real time chat, voice and video conference. We also integrate it with web services even on IoT based infrastructure.


We all know bit-coin today or payment using my phone. We can deliver something unique come and get together to build next jaw opener with us. Set of awesome talent working hard in house.

Service: Ethereum, StorJ

Amazon Web Service

Few can argue but considering security costs and performance as well list of services Amazon Web Service is most complete yet trusted cloud available in the market. We can serve you best amazon available services better than anyone in the market. We have ready to go SDKs and libraries to integrate into the service/web applications in quick time that up and running any business.
Compute: EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, EC2 Container.
Storage and Delivery: S3, CloudFront, Storage Gateway.
Database: RDS, ElatiCache, DynamoDB, Redshift
Networking: Route53, VPC
Developer Tools: CodeDeploy, CodePipleline
Management Tools: CloudWatch, CloudFormation
Security and Identity: IAM, Certificate Manager
Analytics: EMR, Elasticsearch Service, Data Pipleline
Mobile Service: Device Farm, SNS, Cognito
Application Service: SQS, CloudSearch, API Gateway
Enterprise Application: WorkSpace, WorkDocs

Language and Tools


Java is everywhere in world. Real world and enterprise application mostly build on it. There are other purposes that we’re using it.
Complete Search Solution: While we search for anything its should react lightning fast. We made a superfast dynamic search platform for vacation rental sites and feed integration using Apache Lucene and SOLR. We can integrate any sites really quick on top of our super search platform.
Web Server: Jetty, ApacheTomcat
Build Tools: Maven, Gradle, Reporting, JasperReports, Birt reporting tool for Eclipse.
ORM: Hibernet, ORMLite
Test Tool: Junit, Robotium, Selenium WebDriver


We have lots of improvement on hardware. We have less improvement to use it. By using go we can cut off server costs surprisingly without compromising performance. It have lots of things built in to develop app/service so fast. Modern word acquiring it with great respect so we are. We have an in house web framework developed to do this fast and deliver efficient product.

Web Framework: Irish, Revel, in house developed framework for efficiency.
Test/Benchmark tool: Go have mostly everything built in.
Development Environment: Using Docker with Golang official image to ensure same environment and performance carry to production.


The most popular dynamic multiplatform tool available in the market. Python can do anything for you. From console app to desktop, mobile platform to web service and web sites. We built a super scalable web service using python. Also we use this for load testing tool and internal development tools.

Web Framework: Flask, Tornado and Django
Web Service/SDK: Boto, DynamoDB, SQS
Asynchronous Task Tool: Celery, Asycore
ORM: FlyWheel, SQLAlchemy
Build/Environment Tools: PIP, EasyInstall, VirtualEnv, Supervisord
Mobile/Destop App: Kivey
Load test tool: Locust.


Most popular and widely used language for web, we used this a lot with some great production web sites.
Web Framework: YII and YII2, CakePHP, Laravel
CMS: Drupal, WordPress
Ecommerce: Magento
Testing: PHPUnit
Template Engine: Twig, Smarty


From RDBMS to NoSQL we need two of this to our development. We use below Database tools and we really happy and confidence to declare we’re doing this very well.


  • PostGre SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite


  • DynamoDB
  • AeroSpike
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra


Using NodeJS we built a super-efficient websocket based chat engine. Which is fast extensible and lightweight. Being said that, we also use NodeJS for several micro-services those are really fast and scalable. We also use couple of frontend JS framework to make interactive UI/UX including some fast lightweight Reactive Frameworks like RiotJS and WebRX.
Framework: Express, Hapi, AngularJS, JQuery, RiotJS, WebRX, BackboneJS
Build/Environment Tools: NPM, Bower, Gupl, Grant, PM2, Nodemon
Template engine: Jade and Twig


We see jQuery revolution. This time AngularJS comes and redefined HTML with dynamic site design. Its picked up the right choice to put dynamic content for HTML where current HTML, JS frameworks are not. Using AngularJS we are making pretty sites quickly than before.

HTML5 and CSS3

We’re using HTML5 and CSS3 for our most Web Frontend including some popular framework like Bootstrap and foundation as well vanilla and Stylus.

Awesome tools which are tightly depends with our everyday life.


Agile and Scrum the most popular keyword on project management. We follow Agile most cases and divide task into sprint. To manage all those things JIRA is the best tool out in the market. And we strictly follow this.


The strategy and rules we’re following we know DVCS is best match rather SVN. There is two most renowned Tool available for DVCS one is mercurial and another is GIT. We choose GIT over mercurial. There is lots of debate between Mercurial and GIT. One of this comparison is really create confusion to choose one over another which is GIT is McGaiver and Mercurial is James Bond. As both are a genius we can go either way. GIT always think wisely rather getting most things ready for him to use. We wisely selected GIT and so far its working great for us. We use feature branch, major branch all sort of technique to run work parallel and merge them to made things together without much effort. We really enjoy our work and love GIT.


Making platform shippable and make Continuous delivery Docker is obvious. Our developer can’t think of any project without it while its applicable. Using this we can carry our platform and environment from development 1st line to final deployment. And we love the Whale logo that carries containers to tech ocean. We use Dockerhub for our own custom build image also use docker-composer to adjust environment and our basic needs done smoothly.

In Memory Caching

Making things faster there is no alternative of making data cache. To scale up any application service we badly depend on caching. And we successfully using both Memcache and REDIS for our purposes. While there is little high amount of data required to store or data structure is bit complex we use REDIS, if things are as simple as Key Value get set we prefer Memcache.

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